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Way back in the mists of time, the 1970's, there was a radio station format known as Freeform. Basicly what that meant was the radio station had no play-lists, the DJ was free to play what ever he/she wanted. This was before the rise of corporate owned radio stations like Clear Channel, with their tightly controlled, focus group blessed play-lists.

The Freeform stations were local stations, in-tune with the local area unlike the corporate stations that create the shows in their corporate offices and pipe the show into the local transmitter. I grew up in New York City listening to some of the great Freeform stations like WNEW, WBAI, and WPLJ with DJs like Alison Steele, Dave Herman, and Scott Muni.

All those DJs are gone now and for the most part so is Freeform radio but not completely gone. Here and there these stations still exist and thanks to the Internet most of these stations now stream their content. I've been collecting links to these on-line stations for a couple of years now the result is here. Follow the links to either the states or the stations to get a m3u file to use to listen to the station.

I am always looking for radio stations, both terrestrial and internet based, that are Freeform and not corporate ruled soul sucking blights in my ears. I know I'm not the only one out there who is always looking for new music and local radio. Do you know of a radio station or web site I should check out, send me email. I'm Josef, the Berkeley Guy.

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